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Saleslead Data Collection
& Verification Process


The information we find is derived from millions of public documents that we search and analyze


We also license data from trusted third parties to make our data even more comprehensive




Sales Lead machine’s database is loaded with accurate information and is ready to be accessed by its customers (via API or web application)


In addition to real-time email verification, we also conduct a final round of testing before customers download their data



Real-Time Email Verification

Data that meets high quality standards

You can count on Sales lead Machine to deliver accurate and up-to-date data because we’re committed to providing you with high quality data. The real-time email verification feature we have in place serves as a final gatekeeper in addition to our rigorous data collection and verification process. Our platform verifies a lead’s email address immediately before releasing contact details to you when you want to unlock their information on Sales lead Machine. When you download bulk leads, the Sales lead machine also verifies their email addresses in real-time before you download their information.

Check the status of verification with us

What is the exact mechanism behind this feature? You will see a loading icon when Sales Lead Machine confirms the lead’s information after clicking the “Unlock” button. On Sales Lead Machine, you can choose between three different verification statuses: Valid, Invalid, or Accept All. An email with the Valid status was 97%+ verified at the time of export or download, which indicates the lead’s email server allows verification. There will be no additional prompts when the Sales Lead Machine displays the email address.

It is our manual research team’s responsibility to update records with invalid email addresses.

Choose your region and we'll provide the data

We give you a variety of data types to make local and global go-to-market motions easier. EMEA, NAM, APAC – choose your region, size, industry, and our platform will provide the data. We’re already fueling the revenue engines of thousands of global companies with the most complete data in Europe and the richest mobile dataset in the US.

Reach a higher number of potential clients

While having a large number of prospects is beneficial, it’s important to prioritize quality over quantity. Our advanced data quality engine, which employs both artificial intelligence and human verification, ensures that you receive validated B2B emails and verified mobile numbers for your most valuable leads. This leads to more precise targeting, faster connections, and ultimately, more fruitful conversations.

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How do we keep it fresh
and accurate?

Verification of Mobile Numbers

At the heart of our mission is to facilitate seamless communication for you. To achieve this, we have a team of experts who meticulously verify mobile phone numbers to curate a valuable data repository. This repository comprises of contacts that hold significant value to our users, as well as those that are specifically requested by our clients who avail our services.

Manual Research of Companies

We strive to constantly enhance our database with a focus on quality. To meet our exacting standards, our research team conducts regular audits of the most sought-after company and contact profiles among our customers. This includes verifying information obtained through our programmatic primary data capture methods.

Updates to Database on a Daily Basis

We carry out millions of updates to our database every day. In addition to ensuring the data remains up-to-date, these updates enable us to keep track of significant contact-level occurrences, such as key personnel joining or leaving a company. This provides our clients with the opportunity to reconnect with former contacts or establish a relationship with new decision-makers who are in the early stages of developing their strategy, before competitors have a chance to do so.

Where does it all come

Proprietary Methods for Data Collection

Our initial layer of data is derived from community-sourced information, which is contributed by our members. They grant us permission to match the contact details stored in their signature blocks to the business professionals listed in our database.

Gathering Publicly Available Data

To ensure accuracy and completeness, we constantly monitor publicly available information from millions of corporate websites, job postings, news feeds, and company registries. This allows us to validate business information and add another layer of precision to our database.

Proprietary machine learning models

Establishing Strategic Alliances

We have established strategic alliances with top-tier providers. This enables us to offer our users exceptionally precise supporting data, such as intent data (powered by Bombora) and sales event triggers (powered by CB Insights).

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