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Tired of chasing dead-ends and calling prospects who don’t pick up the phone? Boost connection rates and have more meaningful conversations with your future customers with Cognism’s Diamond Data®.

Cognism’s compliance checklist

We make your safety our business

Notified database

Did you know: GDPR doesn’t allow the invisible processing of data. If a data vendor has your personal data, they need to notify you they hold it for direct marketing purposes and give you the option to opt-out.

The problem? Not a lot of providers do this.

Cognism helps you stay ahead of global privacy laws. Part of it is providing you with a notified database that meets all B2B data processing requirements

B2B emails only

We don’t hold any personal email addresses in our database. Not because we can’t get them, but because contacting someone on their non-work-related email is against compliance requirements.

Global do-not-call lists

Is the mobile data you’re using putting your business at risk?There are two ways you can dial with confidence: