Set up a foundation based on accountability

It's useless to view accounts fragmented

A holistic view lights up with insights.

The marketing and sales departments battling against each other makes it hard to win

Does your marketing team frequently operate from different systems, unaware of what your sales team is doing? It’s difficult to track actions and communications within an account when revenue teams work in silos.

It's the only complete revenue team go-to-market solution for B2B companies

Create a holistic view of each account by combining your data with third-party and behavioral data from Sales Lead Machine. This is the only place sales and marketing can see which accounts are engaged, which actions they are taking, and whose communications have been sent.

There's no need to guess. Sales Lead Machine makes it easy to connect the dots

Wanna get your hands dirty?

Check out these step-by-step “how-to’s.”

Focus on high-converting accounts

Whenever there is a positive buying signal, I want to prioritize outreach to prospects.

With insights into accounts and people, you can arm your sales team

Having easy-to-access information is important to me as a sales leader. You're in good hands with us.

Creating a personalized journey stage

As a marketing ops manager, it’s important to create accurate journey stages that match our sales cycles and engagement criteria. You came to the right place.

Analyze your pipeline

As a Marketing executives want to see how opportunities are converting within a quarter and where targets are in our funnel. Your thinking is admirable.

What else can you do with Sales Lead Machine Account Intelligence?

We thought you might ask. So we listed our most popular use cases

ABX Cloud

Advertising Cloud

Sales Intelligence Cloud

Data Cloud

Make your B2B go-to-market smarter

Sales Lead Machine One

The Smarter Strategy suite for B2B brands. Inject our rich, precise Account Intelligence into every step of the buying journey. You’ll spot opportunities earlier, engage with them more intelligently, and close deals faster. It’s that simple.

Where you are is the perfect place to start

We’re here to help manufacturers get better by getting smarter.

No matter the complexity of your business, we’re here to help marketing and sales collaborate faster, share insights across business lines, and grow revenue farther.

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