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Convert your emails into tickets and keep them all organized in one place. Never leave customers' questions unanswered.

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Date : 05-09-2019
Client : Linglee
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Intent Data

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Identify the right prospects at the right time

Connect with leads that are actively searching for what you have to offer and eliminate the guesswork from lead generation. Intent Data can be used to identify engaged leads, segment them and prioritize them, and then contact them at the right time with the right content.

Pay attention to buying signals

Make sure you target prospects who are looking to buy what you sell, rather than guessing which client to prioritize. To ensure that you are reaching the right prospects, use Intent Data to inform your outreach strategy.

Make your sales cycle more efficient

Using intent data can help you improve your lead quality, optimize your message, and send emails at the right time. Use this information to improve your marketing efforts by discovering what potential customers want to know before they make a purchase.

Your metrics, your resource use, and your bottom line will improve as soon as you use Intent Data.

Accurate data is accessible

The Bombora platform provides comprehensive B2B intent data through Sales Lead Machine's partnership with the company that patented it. We offer the most comprehensive, privacy-compliant data cooperative online with Bombora's intent data.

In contrast to scraping data, Bombora's proprietary data source directly collects data with consent. We provide the most accurate intent data on the market, not just accurate data.

Boost your marketing efforts

Get the most out of marketing campaigns by knowing which target accounts to prioritize. Using intent-based segmentation, tailor your marketing approaches to quickly identify and engage your audience.

Intent Data can help you increase sales through more engaging marketing efforts and capture leads before your competitors.


Convert leads into sales

You can push leads directly to your favorite CRM, outreach tool, or CSV file that feeds your campaigns. Reduce the amount of data entry you have to do for yourself and your VAs.

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Grow businesses any interaction

Convert your emails into tickets and keep them all organized in one place. Never leave customers' questions unanswered.

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