Find In-Market Accounts

Let's not waste time

With AI and intent, you can pinpoint the most delicious targets.

Find accounts when they’re ready to buy — before your blundering competitors

Sales orgs face a visibility problem: prospects are well on their way to a decision before you know they’re even in the market. And the fallout is brutal. You miss active, engaged buyers, and sales and marketing prioritize the wrong accounts.

There’s a better way

With Account Intelligence, you can spot hidden intent by combining all your data with third-party sources to spot data-enhanced insights.

View your accounts in high-definition so you can focus on the most lucrative opportunities instead of spraying and praying.

See your accounts in hi-def so you can shift your strategy from spray-and-pray to focus on the juiciest opportunities.

Looking for some real-world experience?

Check out these step-by-step “how to’s.”

Find out what new accounts are available

As a Sales Lead marketer, we will target accounts that are not in our CRM with an awareness campaign. My interest is in accounts that express intent to search for specific keywords.

Get in touch with my account representatives

The outbound efforts I make as a sales representative should be productive. It's important for me to find contacts who will be most interested in what I'm offering.

Identifying the engagement and intent of in-market customers

I have an account list as an account executive. Which accounts are the best to reach out to?

To provide sales with insights about intent and engagement

Having actionable information - every day - to prioritize my outreach efforts is one of my main objectives as a marketing operations manager.

Don't wait until it's too late to reach out to accounts researching competitors

My job as an account manager is to keep track of when my customers are checking out competition so I can prevent potential churn.

Make your takedown campaign competitive

Currently, my competitors are winning market share, so I'd like to target their customers with a demand gen campaign.

What else can you do with Sales Lead Machine
Account Intelligence?

We thought you might ask. So we’ve listed our most popular use cases below.

ABX Cloud

Advertising Cloud

Sales Intelligence Cloud

Data Cloud

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